CUSTOMER PROFILE: Harman International, Sound Systems ( Pune, India)

PROBLEM: High concentration of Smoke from Vehicles in the testing area.

High concentration of smoke from exhaust of vehicles ,while testing the sound systems of vehicles.  For testing sound , engine needed to be kept started. Since the premises are air conditioned , all smoke was spreading in the testing area as well as showroom  & there was no scope for venting. There were two such bays, where testing of vehicles took place.

SOLUTION: Central Vehicle  Exhaust extraction system

Sovplym offered Central Vehicle  Exhaust extraction systemas an optimal solution. To be able to extract smoke from testing bays – two hose reels were offered. All the smoke is  extracted by radial fan located in the outside premises..

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Installation and system design

Each of the bay is equipped with hose reel  that is connected to the central air duct. The main advantage of hose reels is that they require minimal space,  & is self rectractable ( spring recoiled) after the job is done. Air ducts are connected to the fan that are located outside the premises.  The installation gave the following advantages of Vehicle Smoke Extraction :

· improved rate of general ventilation
· clean premises


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