CUSTOMER PROFILE: Messers India, Pune.

PROBLEM: High indoor concentration of welding fumes at Training Institute
Customer had a problem with emissions of hazardous welding fumes and metal dust during the manual welding process. Different types of plates were welded and then grinded to get rid of scales and burrs. Customer has fixed almost 10 welding stations without any ventilation solutions to capture the emissions from these processes. A high concentration of dust and fumes were constantly present in the training area. These bad working conditions affected the quality of the products and made a serious threat to the students health conditions.

SOLUTION: Downdraft filter units

To solve the customer’s problem SovPlym offered a range of flexible and reliable downdraft solutions. In order to save space in the premises, the stand mount downdraft bench were equipped on welding machine. For fumes extraction from stationary welding post SovPlym offered efficient mechanical filter, that allows to capture the smallest of the hazardous contaminants. To capture the dust generated by welding process, one the most reliable and proven Downdraft solution with arm was used. By installation of the filter units, dust collectors and extraction arms, SovPlym ensured “at source” capture of virtually all the emissions and reduced the concentration of hazardous dusts and fumes to safe levels.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Installation and system details

To provide effective extraction of welding fumes from stationary welding posts, the 10 Nos of Downdraft filter units with 1 extraction arms each & 1 portable dust collectors were installed. Unique extended design of arm allowed increasing the service area to capture the dust from welding process.

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