[:en]CUSTOMER PROFILE: Uralenergomontazh, Metalworks (Berezovsky, Sverdlovskaya obl., Russia)

PROBLEM: High concentration of welding fumes in the premises

High concentration of welding fumes in the premises that exceeds the allowed amount according to the health regulation standards. All 10 of the separated welding workstations are used simultaneously. Limited space at workstations does not allow using any type of mobile extraction equipment. The facility has special requirements for reduced level of noise.

SOLUTION: Central spot-extraction system

Sovplym offered centralized spot-extraction ventilation system as an optimal solution. To be able to extract welding fumes from welding workstations – flexible wall mounted extraction arms were offered. All the extracted welding fumes are filtered by stationary self-cleaning filter located in the same premises. To provide the low level of noise, the fan and the filter are installed behind custom- made noise reduction curtain.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Installation and system design

Each of the welding stations are equipped with extraction arm that is connected to the central air duct. The main advantage of wall-mounted flexible arms is that they require minimal space, but provide high effeciency of welding fumes extraction. Airducts are connected to the stationary self-cleaning filter and energy efficient fan that are located near the inner wall of the premises. To reduce the noise level of equipment Sovplym produced custom-made noise reduction curtain of custom design. The installation of the centralized spot extraction system gave the following advantages:
· reducing energy consumption
· improved rate of general ventilation
· reducing the concentration of welding fumes to below the allowed amount[:]

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